Tuesday, December 2, 2008

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Watch Jenny Rivera Sex Tape Online

The porn tape was reported by People en Espanol magazine, which says that Ms. Rivera and her horny musician friend did a home video recording of themselves doing it, you know, having hanky panky without clothing. The sex video was reportedly stolen in June 2008 and offered for sale on the internet where it will undoubtedly spark frantic interest in the free download as they always do.
She confirmed the naughty details of the sex tape to the magazine, saying in our best translation:
I ask the media to respect my privacy in this difficult and embarrassing moment. As a mother, I feel super ashamed.”
So how large are her breasts. Ms. Rivera’s measurements are unknown, although a computer simulation model suggests 44DDD-24-36. Just kidding. She does not deserve this attention. The person who stole the video and posted it online should pay a price. Everyone else should just leave her alone and stipulate that adults sometimes have sex.
The Jenni Rivera sex tape story has sparked the usual interest in nude photos. We are unaware of any Jenny Rivera naked pictures, not that we would publish them but we would tell you if they were available. So stop the search for Jenny Rivera porn immediately, although you can see her taking a bath below. Hint hint.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kristin Davis Sex tape - Kristen adult archives

Kristin Davis Sex tape The latest celebrity to be caught in a sex tape may be the biggest so far. I mean, at least she’s someone who’s actually an actress and not just some random, publicity whoring nookie girl. The rumor this week from celeb sites like Kristin Davis adult archives, is that there’s allegedly a sex tape out there with Kristin Davis on it. You probably know her as the only pretty one of the four girls on Sex and the City, and this summer she’ll be on movie screens in Sex and the City: The Movie. The tape hasn’t been released yet, but the celebrity site Kristin Davis Achives has screen caps which they believe are convincing. They claim they may depict a young, naked Kristin Davis doing all sorts of horrible, unshaven things. You can see all the NSFW pictures over at Faded Youth, but let’s face it you probably shouldn’t unless you want to feel bad about yourself in the morning. For now, Kristin’s reps are insisting that the woman in the picture isn’t her, but then I would too. It really looks like her. A lot. Though I guess it’s blurry enough that unless the entire tape is released there’s no way to tell for sure. For her sake, let’s hope it isn’t released or that this is just another in a long line of fakes.

Toastee Toof sex tape! Toastee Toof Loves Money!

Toastee Toof sex tape

Watch Toastee Toof sex tape Online

I know people who actually know who in the hell Jennifer Toof is are very excited to see her new sex tape. And now, Vivid Entertainment, which plans on releasing the extravaganza says it will not be ready for your viewing perusal this Wednesday. Sorry, gang there’s a slight delay.
You’re gonna have to wait longer than Wednesday to see the hardcore-sex video of Havertown’s Jennifer Toof, better- known as Toastee to fans of VH1’s “Flavor of Love,” and “Charm School.”
Vivid Entertainment President Steven Hirsch told us last week that the 40-minute tape of Toof and an unidentified man is being held up due to a dispute with celebrity-porn broker David Hans Schmidt. Both Hirsch and Schmidt declined to reveal to us any details about the problem.
Schmidt also wouldn’t say how he acquired the footage, which Toof swears she had nothing to do with. “This video was with an ex-boyfriend, and I am devastated that he is trying to make money off of my fame,” Toof tells us.

Kim Kardashian sex tape

Kim Kardashian sex tape

Watch Kim Kardashian sex tape Online

Vivid Entertainment moves at full speed with release of a tape of sex of Kardashian ’s Kim and ignores its approaching litigation against them. Last month Vivid declared, that they have bought a tape and will let out it on their website. The sexual tape showing to Kim and, wishes - to be rapper Ray J., will be let out on 21st of March.
Stephen Hirsch, the Co-chairman of Vivid, has told TMZ, “I have met Kim yesterday and unfortunately, we did not come at all close to agreement achievement. We will immediately promote now with release.”
After Kardashian the submitted claim last month, the Vivid declared, that they will temporarily stop manufacture. The company feels assured, that they have the legal right to distribute DVD video. They have paid to the neolearnt third party 1 million $ for the rights to a tape which has been made three years ago.
The Vivid promises, that the new paper clip of preliminary viewing will be accessible next week on http://sextape.vox.com/.
Despite litigation, Hirsch says TMZ, that he is still huge admirer Kim. “Kim has all qualities which we search in Vivid Girl. It also is beautiful and polite, which is a rare combination. Actually, if it was Vivid Girl, I, probably, have thrown it as ' Debbies ' in ours ‘ Debbies Does Dallas … Again ’ a television number which debuts [night of Friday] in 11pm on Showtime.” The good plug Steve.
Kim denied, that the sexual tape existed in previous interviews. Its requirement of popularity - the daughter of one of lawyers which have received O.J. Simpson away with murder. It also is known for that was one of leaches Paris Hilton.

Britney Spears "sex tape" New Videos

Britney Spears sex tape

Watch Britney Spears sex tape Online

An infamous Britney Spears "sex tape" is reportedly being touted to the highest bidder, in the aftermath of her separation from Kevin Federline. A leading porn mogul claims to have been approached about the tape last week, just days after Spears served divorce papers on Federline.
David Hans Schmidt, who is said to have bought and dispersed explicit footage on a number of entertainment figures, says he believes the footage will be leaked.
"Two days after Britney filed for divorce I was contacted by an individual who indicated that he had a digital video of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline having sex. This gentleman knew enough names and identified enough parties involved to indicate that the tape could exist," Schidmt told MSNBC.com.
Allegations about the Spears and Federline sex tape have been rife for some time. A U.S. judge recently dismissed a $10 million defamation lawsuit brought by the couple. Spears and Federline were seeking substantial libel damages from US Weekly, who suggested that the couple had made the video in an article last year.